Your financial advantages of Pre-Pay

A Funeral Trust plan allows you to set money aside, in trust, for your final farewell or for that of a loved one.

It’s your money and you should be able to do with it as you like, after all you’ve worked hard to get to where you are now. Most lawyers would advise that pre paying for your funeral makes good financial sense, especially for anyone thinking of moving into a retirement or rest home.

This is simply because you can put up to $10k aside in a Funeral Trust plan and not be asset tested on any of it! Now that’s clever thinking, your money works even harder for you and your loved ones in the future. 

Of course that’s not all. Pre-planning and paying ensures things are done the way you want. Who wants to leave behind a messy legacy of who pays for what? 

It’s often the case that your children or beneficiaries may not be in the same financial position when it’s time to foot the bill. By pre-paying, you enjoy the peace of mind that everything is in order and no one will be put into a difficult position later on.

For more information visit The Funeral Trust or contact us on 068357196.

Just remember it’s a good idea to keep your pre-arranged funeral documents in a safe place and notify your family or lawyer where you’ve put things. Then you can get on with enjoying life.



Request Your Information Pack

Our Care Pack will guide you through what can be an overwhelming process. It covers all aspects of what you may need or want, and we need to know for your funeral service. Please remember pre-planning is not booking a date, just getting prepared so you can carry on living life to the full.