Your goodbye plan

Sure none of us really want to think about it, after all life is all about enjoying the moment. However, sometimes plans are important too, they help us to achieve our goals and aspirations. So why would you leave your final opportunity to say your piece, to chance?


Saying goodbye is always difficult but there are so many ways of making it easier. Over time at Dunstall’s we’ve helped hundreds of Hawke’s Bay people of all ages with their last unique wishes. Often many, many years before they pass away. 

Sometimes it’s a quirky request that others would never have thought about or simply a list of your favourite music to be played on the day. After all, your loved ones want to remember you for who you really are, with a farewell that gives those left behind something to cherish. Whatever you really want, we can help make it possible simply by planning ahead.

We understand that coming in to see us right now might not seem to be a priority in your life but rest assured it’s the better option in the long run. At Dunstall’s we’re a friendly bunch who genuinely welcome anyone who walks through our door but hey, give us a call first and we’ll make sure there’s enough free cake to go around.

Now you can get on with enjoying life.


Request Your Information Pack

Our Care Pack will guide you through what can be an overwhelming process. It covers all aspects of what you may need or want, and we need to know for your funeral service. Please remember pre-planning is not booking a date, just getting prepared so you can carry on living life to the full.