Vehicles can be as different and as unique as you are.

At Dunstalls we love nothing more than to be able to offer a selection of hearses all with their own stories to tell.  Harold who started his life as an ambulance in WW2 or The Old Girl who was Dunstalls first brand 

new hearse purchased. There may be something in your story that makes one of our vehicles stories the perfect choice for you.



Affectionally known as Harold. He is a 1938 Plymouth originally shipped from the USA to Perth, Australia during World War II.

Built originally as an ambulance, when he arrived in Perth he was quickly moved to a funeral home and redesigned as a hearse.

Chevrolet Impala

Named ‘The Old Girl’, this vehicle was purchased new by us from the USA and registered on 28 July, 1966.

She was turned into a hearse immediately on arrival and is a favourite of the Dunstall family.

Buick Roadmaster

The Roadmaster is our only white hearse. A more modern alternative, this special edition vehicle is perfect for the last journey of your loved one.