Our Role

Meeting the Funeral Director can take place in your home, at the hospital or at our funeral home, wherever is the most convenient for you.

Prior to our meeting, we would have spoken on the phone to arrange the transfer of the deceased person to our Funeral Home.

At the meeting we will discuss and carry out the following details, in line with your wishes and direction:

Funeral service arrangements:

  • Arrange the provision of clothing for the deceased person;
  • Select the most suitable time and day for the funeral;
  • Select the appropriate Minister or Celebrant;
  • Select the appropriate venue (Church, Chapel or other significant place);
  • Schedule a time for a viewing at the funeral home or other venue;
  • Record the appropriate personal details for Registration and funeral arrangements;
  • Discuss the floral arrangement for the coffin or casket;
  • Record the selected type of coffin or casket;
  • Discuss and write the funeral notices.

We will also attend to the following:

  • Book the cemetery or crematorium;
  • Provide a collection box for donations to a Charity (if required);
  • Contact the local RSA to arrange a service for ex-service personnel and provide red poppies and the appropriate flag;
  • Arrange and prepare an audio and/or visual presentation of the deceased's life for the day of the funeral;
  • Provide a Memorial Book for signatures at the church;
  • Arrange for the provision and serving of refreshments to guests at the funeral as required.


  • Complete and lodge the Notification of Death registration form;
  • Complete the cremation forms (as applicable);
  • Complete the order for burial form (as applicable);
  • Order a copy of the Death Certificate;
  • Provide an estimate of the funeral cost for the Executor or next of kin.

We will also attend to any other matters requested by the family and can help you with the planning process – contact us for more information and advice.